To The Worlds
To The Worlds
An Inspirational Documentary Film in Production

Dubbed "Team Okanagan", eight adult figure skaters (age 46-78) 
pursue their dream to compete in the biggest event on the
adult figure skating calendar.

They are headed TO THE WORLDS in Germany Spring 2018.

"To The Worlds"
Teaser Trailer
Award winning Mountain Lake Films
have  been filming this documentary for several months.

The film, when completed will travel the international festival circuit and will play on
national and international television.

To The Worlds Teaser Trailer

Team Goals

Get Going, Get Fit

Have Fun, Make Friends

Inspire Others

Some are entirely new to the sport, some are back after careers, children, heart surgery or hip replacements. The team defy their years, gravity and sometimes their doctors, to skate their way to fitness, then...
to the worlds.
Some are here to escape stressful work lives or home lives, some are here just to "not be alone".
Off ice, we'll find out why each has taken on the "challenge of their lives" and why now. These stories are often poignant, funny or both.
This diverse group of women face the universal problems of our age group. Yet each is also strong, committed and well, pretty gutsy. They are real people doing something extraordinary and they are an inspiration to all of us.

This past August at the ISU International Adult Competition in Vancouver our team of 6 skaters brought home 9 out of 38 Canadian medals - that's almost 1/4 of the Canadian medals!  4 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze!
The goal is set, the stakes are higher than ever before. They've got to be ready - physically and emotionally. They've begun to train in earnest, sew costumes and bake cookies which they surreptitiously exchange for midnight ice time.

As the clock ticks down on the Worlds, we'll ride with our skaters on the waves of achievements, disappointments and debilitating falls that are all part of this dangerous and beautiful sport.

The pressure builds and we start to see the cracks in their armour. A fall puts one of them
in the hospital, others are getting cold feet,
(pardon the pun). But we'll root for them
through all the ups and all the downs.

Ultimately, this is a feel good story
about dreams and second chances.
  1. Winning Team
    Winning Team
    Fall 2017
    In Vancouver our team of 6 brought home 9 medals. 1/4 of Canada's medals!
  2. The Team Strategize
    The Team Strategize
    Spring 2017
    After a local competition, the team revue the ups and downs.
  3. Watching video
    Watching video
    Summer 2016
    To see what they each need to improve.
  4. Jacqueline's first medal ever.
    Jacqueline's first medal ever.
    Fall 2017
    In the kiss and cry with Karen and Isabella.
  5. Medals in Vancouver
    Medals in Vancouver
    Summer 2016
    In 2016 our team of four brought home 6 medals.

STAY TUNED for a big exciting announcement coming soon!

Hint: It has something to do with the fact that we are no longer seeking sponsorship for the film.

However, the team is still looking for sponsorship if you'd like to be involved with this amazing project, send us an email.

To The Worlds projects a positive, uplifting message that will appeal to audiences around the globe.

Follow along with us on our journey.